International high-level conference "Building Resilient Economy and Resisting Economic Coercion"

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Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania is organising international conference "Building Resilient Economy and Resisting Economic Coercion", which will take place on May 6-7 in Vilnius, Merchant’s Club (Gediminas Avenue 35). The conference aims to address the increased use of economic coercion as well as to discuss the need for greater international cooperation, including a set of various policy response measures.

First day of the conference will be public and consist of high-level panel discussions, where prominent international policy makers, and representatives from business, academia and NGOs will explore recent economic coercion trends and potential policy responses. Second day of the conference will be subject to Chatham House rule and dedicated to engage personally invited guests with the aim to discuss recommendations in foreign and security policy areas connected to economic coercion.

Contact point:

Kristina Kuzmickienė, [email protected], +370 5 236 2870

Leonas Stankevičius, [email protected], +370 5 236 2662


Registration is finished.

LIVE: Conference “Building resilient economy and resisting economic coercion” @Vilnius, Lithuania

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