Protocol Guide for Diplomatic Missions in Lithuania

Created: 2014.01.27 / Updated: 2019.10.17 14:17

This publication is a Guide for diplomatic missions, consular posts, missions of international organizations and European Union agencies (hereinafter – the Missions) accredited to the Republic of Lithuania providing basic information on diplomatic privileges and immunities implemented in Lithuania on the basis of international conventions, multilateral and bilateral agreements, international practice and the national law.

The Protocol Guide contains information on protocol matters, such as arrival and accreditation ceremony of the Head of Mission and practical aspects concerning visits of officials.

There are two printed editions of the Protocol Guide (2007 and 2014). An electronic version is subject to every day’s amendments. Therefore, the Missions will have an opportunity to receive up-to-date information and get answers to other issues pertaining to protocol which were not included into the printed version.

Arrival and Departure of the Head of Mission

This chapter briefly describes the main issues concerning granting the Agrément, arrival of the Ambassador- Designate, the ceremonial aspects of presentation of the Letters of Credence and the Ambassador’s departure.

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Identity Cards and Visas

This chapter gives detailed information on categories of ID Cards and procedure of registration of staff members of Diplomatic Missions and their family members.

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Visits to Lithuania

This chapter presents the main issues on incoming State and Official visits to the Republic of Lithuania. Furthermore, it covers other practical information related to visits: transportation, security, medical care.

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Value Added Tax and Excise Duty Exemptions

This chapter informs on the VAT and excise duties exemption procedure for goods and services purchased in Lithuania and other EU Member States. Besides, it briefs on specific export procedure for articles of cultural heritage.

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Motor Vehicles

This chapter describes registration of motor vehicles and tax exemption procedure, and provides other relevant information necessary for a proper use of motor vehicles in the Republic of Lithuania.

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Airport Issues

This chapter presents rules on the access to VIP facilities in Vilnius International Airport, describes the procedure of delivering or receiving diplomatic mail and gives information on obtaining flight clearance.

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This chapter encompasses a number of issues, related to employment, procedure of purchasing real estate in Lithuania, security issues and possession of weapons. It also includes a topic on importation of domestic pets.

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